Professional Network Cabling Services

At Cabling Concepts, we provide quality network cabling services for your organization. Network cabling is the physical layer for LAN/WAN Ethernet networks linking a wide range of technology applications to the Internet and private intranets.   These applications include:

  • Computers 
  • IP phones 
  • Video intercom
  • Video conferencing 
  • Robotics
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Medical devices
  • HVAC control equipment
  • IP video (CCTV) 
  • Machine vision
  • Access control
  • Elevator control

Cabling Concepts has decades of experience in projects of every magnitude. Call us today with your cabling questions or needs at 248-715-1088.

Why You Need High-Quality Network Cabling

Cabling Concepts provides network cabling best suited for your company’s specific network performance requirements. Here are a few reasons to choose Cabling Concepts as your network cabling provider:

Network Reliability Saves Money

Downtime wastes time. Time is money!

Don’t waste money with cabling services that offer low pricing and produce inferior workmanship and materials. Improperly installed network cabling and/or inferior cabling components can cause intermittent and difficult to diagnose network errors. Identifying the exact location of a faulty network cable in a bundle of 100 cables is significantly more expensive than properly installing a good quality cable the first time. Network error expenses grow quickly once video conferences freeze, phone calls unexpectedly drop, applications crash, machinery stops working, medical devices malfunction or HVAC equipment doesn’t respond.

Proper Installation and Top Quality Components
The first key to ensuring a reliable network physical layer is selecting the proper cable material type and performance level.  Our quality network cabling products include lifetime warranties under normal use. The second key is consistent Code compliant quality workmanship. We strictly follow EIA/TIA, electrical Code and component manufacturer requirements on every project regardless of size: 

  • Proper cable support path construction using J hooks at 5 foot intervals
  • Clean, neat cable runs, no kinking or ty wrapping
  • Fire stopping of all firewall and floor penetrations
  • Grounding and bonding of racks, ladder racks and cabinets
  • Fusion splicing of fiber ends to minimize dB readings
  • Cat 6 and Cat 6A cable termination per manufacturer specifications
  • Network cabling certification using Fluke’s latest DSX5000 equipment
  • Fiber certification using OTDRs
Compliance with Health and Safety Requirements
Safety is the most important part of every project!  

Unsafe vendor work practices can interrupt production, jeopardize your employee’s safety, damage your building and could ultimately increase your organization’s insurance cost.  Our crews follow our strict internal safety procedures plus any client-specific safety requirements on every project.   

Client-specific Safety Action Plans are in place prior to starting work whenever required by client safety protocols. Our worker’s compensation insurance EMR rating factor is very low, which speaks to our laser-like focus on eliminating work-related injuries. 

At Cabling Concepts, we also ensure our installers follow safety protocols, for every network cabling project, regardless of project size.   Some of our safety policies include: 

  • HEPA compliant dust containment tenting enclosures and HEPA filtered tools for working in health care facilities.
  • Fall protection equipment  
  • Confined space entry, electrical, lock out / tag out safety 
  • Ladder, Manlift and scaffolding safety 
  • Tool safety 
  • Drug-free workplace 


Knowledge of Network Cabling Products and Applications 

Cabling Concept’s staff has extensive knowledge of networks and cabling infrastructure.  Common cable types include: 

  • Cat 6 –  Most commonly seen cable used for up to 1GB network performance. 
  • Cat 6A – 550 MHz high performance cabling for 1-10GB performance needs 
  • Cat 7 – Shielded cables for 10GB performance in EMI noisy environments  
  • Multimode fiber – Network backbone for short distances 
  • Single mode fiber –  Network backbone for long haul and local area network high speed requirements 
  • Multipair –  Cat 5e cable for backbone use
Customer Service

In addition to understanding the product, we are very responsive and courteous. Our customer service representatives respond quickly and pay attention to each client’s detailed needs. Read our reviews and see what our clients think of us. 

Competitive Pricing And Quality

At Cabling Concepts, we believe in offering great service at a fair pricing. When it comes to choosing professional network cabling installers, consider quality service that fits your budget. 

Working With Cabling Concepts

To achieve a thorough understanding of our client’s needs, we start all network cabling projects by documenting the client’s specifications.  Our process includes:   

  • A site inspection. We gather Client facility structural, network performance, safety and facility-specific requirements.  Client specific needs are accommodated for in our project plans, e.g. off shifts, protective clothing, etc.
  • Engineer a network cabling infrastructure plan for presentation to the client for review.  
  • After approval, our project manager supervises the project from conception to completion for an easy hand-off.  

We also provide structured cabling services that include;

  • Cable troubleshooting and repair 
  • Cable demolition and removal for remodeling and network cabling replacement 
  • Cable plant rework clean up and reorganization of cable racks  
  • Cable identification – tone and label unmarked cabling 
  • Demark, fiber service extension using fiber, Cat 6 or coax 
  • Closet build-outs – cable tray, ladder rack, data racks, cabinets 
  • Low voltage cabling – paging, access control, machine control and HVAC 

Get Network Cabling Services Today 

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With nearly three decades of experience in the network cabling industry, we have a long list of recurring, loyal, and satisfied clientele. Network cabling is crucial in any business to ensure smooth communication and functioning between businesses and clients and between company employees.  

Cabling Concepts is based in Commerce Township, Michigan and is the reliable cabling installation company with decades of experience in projects of every magnitude. Call us today with your cabling questions or needs at 248-715-1088