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Data Cabling Installation & Maintenance

Services We Provide

Structured Cabling

We install data and voice cabling systems for a variety of applications; LAN (network), VoIP, factory automation, building connection, data collection, intelligent meters, time clocks and other devices.

A Properly installed, quality material low voltage cabling (data cabling) system is critical to the reliability of any high speed LAN connected electronic equipment whether it be a VoIP phone, PC workstation, printer, paging, security, wireless access point or other electronic component. Designing and building voice and data cabling systems for critical applications is our core business.

Network Cabling

Network cabling connects PC's, servers, VoIP phones, Ethernet switches, routers, firewalls and other electronics that reside on a local area network. Network cabling is typically composed of Category 5e or Category 6 cabling from termination closet to workstation devices with fiber optic backbone cable connecting IC to MC closets. Multimode fiber is the most common type of backbone fiber with 1GB - 100GB transmission speeds depending on length and the cable's OM1-OM4 rating. Single mode fiber can transmit data at high speeds over great distances - kilometers versus less than 1,000 feet for multimode fiber. We usually install armored fiber to protect the fiber strands and help prevent signal loss if the fiber optic cable is disturbed.

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Fiber Optics

Backbone and workstation cable systems using single or multimode fiber. We offer a variety of fiber optic systems for unique applications.

Closed Circuit Television

Complete video-monitoring systems for loss control, security, safety and government regulation needs. Provided by our security integration division: Premises Control

Electronic Access Control

Turnkey card access / access control systems for building security needs. Provided by our security integration division: Premises Control

Overhead Paging

We design, Install and service single and multizone paging systems in office and plant environments.


We offer design, maintenance and service on intercom systems, guaranteeing the same commitment to quality and service on all of our systems.

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