Integrated security solutions combine multiple technologies — such as CCTV, access control, and two way intercom — into a simple to operate powerful system to oversee and control your facilities.  Ideal for larger organizations such as hospitals, campus environments, factories and utilities, integrated systems provide an unmatched level of security through multiple points of monitoring and control.​

Integrated Access Control and Video Surveillance Technology Benefits

With web-based technology, you can be alerted on your mobile to alarm events anywhere. 

Visualize a system that:

  • Notifies and shows live video stream on your computer screen or mobile whenever a door is forced open. 
  • Reviews video related to door activity by simply clicking on a button. 
  • Views door activities on your facility floor plan. 
  • Tracks persons of interest as they move through your facility.
  • Instantly views people trying to enter with invalid credentials.
  • Restricts personnel to certain floors.
  • Alerts you when video analytics detect intruders. 

For facilities with guards, integrated systems offer a higher level of security. Badge or mobile credential scans instantly show the credential holder’s image on the guard’s screen. Guards can communicate remotely using bidirectional audio/video communication and open un-manned parking lot gates, doors or turnstiles using simple mouse clicks. Unwanted visitors can be warned remotely.

Why use Cabling Concepts for Your Integrated Security Project?

We have:

  • Experience
  • Product Knowledge
  • Adherence to Code and standards
  • Timely Support

Our team is timely and thorough. When you work with us, you can expect:

  • Accurate assessment to identify all problems
  • Reliable engineering
  • Organized installation
  • Implementation by a well-trained crew
  • Continuous support over the phone or on site for maintenance and repair

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