Use access control to limit who, when, where and how your facilities are accessed. Protect your people and property. Our security division, Premise Control, employs reliable technology and trusted partners for every installation.

Our access control technology partners include:

Mobile readers: for emergency mustering 

Mobile Credentials: bring your smartphone. Eliminate the need for cards and fobs.  

Opt for comprehensive access control systems for perfect flexibility, scheduling and authorization for every door in a single building, campus or geographically dispersed properties.

With our Access Control System, you can easily:

  • Control who enters your facilities
  • Restrict specific areas to scheduled dates and times for specific employees, such as IT rooms, valuable inventor or hazardous material
  • Receive alarm notifications when doors are forced open, doors are left open, windows are broken or integrated cameras detect people where people are not expected.
  • Prevent duplicate credential use via anti-passback
  • Map your facility for live viewing of door events
  • Customize and print access control cards with your organization’s logos, graphics or other information

Access Control options: 

There are many options for access control to fit your unique security needs. Here are just a few:

  • People counting in controlled areas
  • Long-distance readers for parking lot access without exiting a vehicle
  • Elevator control: restrict people from accessing individual floors
  • Multi-factor authentication: keypad, scramble keypad, hand vein geometry, finger or retina scan to achieve the highest level of security
  • HR system integration: terminated personnel are also physically locked out 
  • Mass notification: protect employees, visitors, residents
  • Wireless locks: where wiring is impossible to install
  • Visitor management: simple visitor sign up
  • Door key management: organize and audit your keys 
  • Asset management: track weapons, radios and other easily pilfered items
  • License plate recognition: provide easy access to parking lots while eliminating unauthorized parking lot access

How We Meet Your Access Control Needs

Our team of experts and engineers have years of experience using technology to help protect people and property. Our access control solutions will not only help you to control who has access on your premises, but who, when, where and how people are using and traveling among your property.

How you will benefit from choosing us for your AC needs:

  • Simple operation: administrators immediately grant or revoke access from any remote location by clicking on menu buttons
  • Enhanced reliability: Reduce downtime and system failures by virtualizing services. Prevent duplicate or incorrect entry of individual data with HR system integration. Lock out users immediately upon termination of employment
  • State-of-the-art technology: We use cutting-edge devices that allow you to house an IP address at each door, which are directly connected to the LAN/WAN Ethernet system, to put every door on a network. Even if you lose power, doors are still controlled and operable as long as Ethernet switches are connected to a UPS.
  • Muster reports: keep track of who is on site and when. These are powered by active RFID technology and can be viewed on screen to show the exact location of each individual.

Your security is important to us, so we respond quickly and efficiently.

Access Control Installation

After years of experience, we’re no stranger to large or complex jobs, and we know how to do them right. Our installation crew is highly trained and certified to ensure every project is completed in compliance with electrical and local building code requirements.  You can rest assured that the property for years to come.

Contact us today to learn how you can best protect and manage your property. Fill out our online form or give us a call at 248-715-1088. We pride ourselves with efficient and helpful customer service so you will be confident and secure in the protection of your property.